10 June 2009

AAArgh computer problems!

Just a quick one to say I am so sorry for being such a slack ass on my blog. We are having computer problems... slow, delayed, no emails in or out... just terrible! The best thing is though, when you can log some of your work on a blog or website at least when your computer crashes you know some records have been saved (because I am not one for downloading work onto disk). Take care, I'll be back when everything is running at a 'normal' pace. xx C


dolls like us said...

we all get computer problems .

Kathy said...

Argh! Computer problems can be sooo frustrating! I hope everything gets up and running smoothly for you as soon as possible! I love your art and am glad we artists can use technology to share our work and ourselves! Hang in there!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carmen,

Still recovering from my down time after losing half my hard drive. however, did go to Melbourne and see John Brack. Truly amazing. Could haved stayed for days. Good luck with your computer.

Cheers Bec xo

Nivedita said...

what takes so long honey? :))
the blog world misses you...hope you are back soon :)) Hope all's well Carmen? :)