05 September 2010


The URBAN SAFARI Press Release:

”How far do we need to travel to go on Safari?” ...

Exciting and contemporary South African born artist, Carmen Cilliers asked herself a simple question...”How far do we need to travel to be on Safari?”
After months of exploration and hard work, Cilliers brings together a bold exhibition in response to this question – an exhibition that fuses an eclectic mix of cultural influences and imagination in her latest body of work entitled Urban Safari.

Urban Safari is a quirky, bright and exciting reflection of how Cilliers sees the world around her. Although living in the suburbs of Perth, she is adamant that we are all on safari and explains: “safari means journey; step out your back door, take a walk in your local park, at the river or on the beach and look around you. See the “mad moor hens” and busy birds. Observe the dogs and their funny antics as they group in their packs on the beach, notice the cats stalking their prey in back yards or take a walk through Northbridge or Fremantle on a Friday night and watch as “crazed monkeys” erupt from pubs and cars screech down main roads sounding like hyenas!”

Carmen states “My paintings for Urban Safari are an exploration and expression of my connection to nature, travel and my love of whimsy.

"In this exhibition I have sought to express the image while aiming to maintain a sense of earthy rawness and spontaneity of colour and bold brushstrokes
My intention was to combine the freedom and brashness of the colours of Africa with the humour and laid-back lifestyle of Australia while still taking risks and producing images that are expressive, quirky and bold! I enjoyed the pure indulgence of blobs of colour running wild on canvas tamed by the negative space of white surrounds and more deliberate black line.

My aim for this exhibition was to present my personal safari, my love of animals and my personal totems - for example birds, which for me are the symbol of love and friendship - in an ordinary world that upon closer inspection holds wonderful surprises, twists and the often humorous encounters of what we otherwise call life. “

Please join me on Sunday, 5th September, 3:30 – 6:00pm for the official opening.
Exhibition runs from 1 September to 27 September 2010

First Floor, 13 South Terrace,Fremantle (Above the Dome)
Multicultural Arts of Western Australia