30 May 2009

A busy month of art & exhibitions!

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for being so patient - I've slacked off on my blog to ensure I met a few other obligations over the past few weeks.

Firstly, I want to share that I went on a brief trip to Melbourne, and while there visited the National Gallery of Victoria to see the John Bracks exhibition. If you don't know his work I sincerely recommend, particularly for those of you that enjoy doing figurative work, that you google him and enjoy! He is the master of simplistic form and style yet his work evokes so much emotion. In saying that though - he has a mad pencil range of work (not done in pencils... of pencils) that I can only say to have completed he must have the patience of a saint or is simply obsessive compulsive. Either way - it was a wonderful exhibition!
John Bracks - Self Portrait.

Not only did I see his work, I also saw some Whiteley's and Fred Williams plus a plethora of stunners from the top VCE students. If you are in Melbourne you really need to visit the current exhibition!

Now onto me - because that's what you really want to know about ; )

I have been busy working on a commission plus had together a body of work for exhibition which was shown on Thursday night. I was asked to put in only figurative work, as there were 5 artists exhibiting all up, and the idea was for the 5 individual styles to be represented.

So, here is some of my work that was exhibited and sold on the night.

"Are We There Yet?"

"In Aura"

"Inklings Of Oppulence"

These are the four out of the eight that were listed and will be replaced by more of my work. If you are in the Perth area please feel free to pop in at the exhibition which is being held at the new gallery "Creative Moods" in McCoy St, Myaree, Perth. Feel free to visit www.interactivearts.com.au for more details.

Other than that I have been busy with a few other little things... like more painting - and developing a body - actually a couple of bodies of new works. Some will be shown at an upcoming exhibition in June but I'll post the details once the formal date is set. I have also decided in light of my recent creative block... well it wasn't so much a block as the realization that I want to push myself further in regards to what I'm producing that prompted me to start classes with internationally renown artist Rob Forlani - what an amazing artist and human being!

I won't bore you any further - 2 reasons: You don't have time to read a mountain of waffle and you need me to save something to blog about in the next couple of days so I don't continue being as elusive as I have over the past few weeks.

Hope you are all still happily enjoying, creating or buying art as much as always.

Take care.
Carmen x


Kathy said...

Hi Carmen!! It's been forever! I sort of fell off the planet blogwise! But, I finally updated my blog and am enjoying getting caught up on my favorite blogs! Sooo fun to see what you've been up to! I'm glad you enjoyed the John Bracks exhibit. I always find seeing other artist's work up close and personal to be so inspirational. And CONGRATS on your recent show! The pieces you posted are wonderful! No wonder they sold! I love your work! Congrats again and keep on creating!! :-)

Nivedita said...

Melbourne, John Bracks...you make me jealous :)) You lucky girl :))

I'm truely glad to see you back on your blog again...Love all the four artworks...'Melancholy' my favourite, totally love it :))

Yes, it is such a fantastic idea to do a class with a senior artist, works best to overcome an artists block...I speak from experience...I always do this...and trust me, this generates some of the best body of work :))

Thanx so much for stoping by and leaving such encouraging comments on my work...it really means a lot...specially when it comes from an artist as talented as you :))


Anonymous said...

Fantastic work, Carmen. I particularly like, "In Aura" and "Melancholy". Wonderful arrangements. "By Your Side", is also a lovely piece.

Congratulations on a great blog :) I'll be sure to visit again. I am linking you from www.inspiredlines.blogspot.com

Fleur Allen said...

Hey Carmen,

Congratulations on your 4 sales from the Creative Mood gallery exhibition, a joy to work with you on this one plus I missed the John Bracks show when in Melbourne but had a ball wandering through all the NGV spaces... so inspiring!

Maria said...

Congrats Carmen on your recent sales ... they are wonderful, especially love Melancholy! I love ALL your work:) cheers, Maria

dolls like us said...

I love what you do as usual.