21 April 2009

Painting Commission - Claudia's Gift

A couple of months ago I was asked to do a rather unusual commission. I say unusual because the buyer saw a painting of mine on the internet. They considered purchasing it, but after much deliberation decided instead to commission a work. The original inspiration for their commission being my painting 'Between Takes' as pictured below.

The young buyer (through her Mum's wallet) had several requests and thankfully they put them all together in a brief for me which I worried about being able to stick to.
Here's a snippet of that brief:
She likes the female in Between Takes because she is:
-Pretty, elegant and sassy with delicate features, yet she is fun, bold and out there
-She is wearing a very fashionable/designer/funky outfit (very youthful appearance with use of the striped legs)
-She loves the white fluff of the skirt, it is interesting and softens the outfit beautifully
-it is a full body painting and not just a head and torso
-it is simple and clean with not too much distraction, it is very much about the girl
-she’s not wearing any jewellery
-fun dramatic/theatrical feel
-bold yet delicate/beautiful detail
-she loves the colours and in particular the lime green/yellow background
Colours she likes:
-pink/purple/lime yellow/lime green/black/gray/silver/white
Other Preferences:
-Medium length layered hair/colour similar to By The Light Of The Silver Moon (no fringe/medium brown with purple/other coloured streaks)
-Eye colour being hazel/green
-Devon Rex Tigerlily Purple (larger female cat)
-Cat not to dominate painting
We did wonder if we could incorporate fashionable fairy wings in her designer outfit (fluff and silver leaf perhaps)?!

Commissions can be difficult because they normally come after a painting that has been painted intuitively. I tend to just paint and enjoy the process and let my instincts lead me. With commissions there is much more work on a conscious level - and the challenge is in being able to please the buyer, stick to the brief, maintain a sense of spontanaity and most importantly not to compromise one's own style and enjoyment. After all, a painting done without love and enjoyment is not a painting worth owning. One only needs to look at the thousands of cheap mass produced paintings being produced in Asia and then later easily discarded when the decor is changed. I strongly feel that work of this type diminishes the value of one off pieces painted with love and care, not to mention that these are potential artists with much to offer the world, churning our mass produced cheap pieces because of the need to support their families.

So, with all this in mind, and me being well and truly a month over the patient client's requested deadline, I present to you "Claudia's Gift".

One thing must be said and that is that the photograph doesn't do this painting justice. The small elements of silver leaf, pearlescent effect and subtle textures are lost and flattened out in the digital image. However, I think the photograph still enables the viewer to enjoy an overall sense of the completed artwork.

I would love to hear your feedback. Also, if you wish to purchase a copy of any of my works in print form please go to my Redbubble website. The link is somewhere up here on the right handside below my profile.

Thank You as always for visiting... and stay safe. x Carmen.


dolls like us said...

I love your work your colors are great . Even though I have done work I have never done a commisioned artwork . I talked a fellow factory worker into making me a commisioned work . When we first meet he explained how he only did uncle Sam dolls . I didn't want one they were for outside and I wanted something for inside . My husband still smokes so I wanted a cowboy ash tray . This is truly aowork of art this thing is 3 feet tall the cowboy has a gun on and a badge and is painted in a blue outfit with black hair . It is something we will treasurer for years.

Kathy said...

Wow...I think you did a great job Carmen!! Your original piece is beyond cool! And your ability to follow your clients wishes while still being true to your own style is a true talent! LOVE the blue/purple cat! I have two kitties, so I'm prone to gush over cool cats! LOL!!


Nivedita said...

Facinating work Carmen. The composition is unique. Love the dress-up and the kitty adds a lovely love touch to the moment :))


Steve (My Dog Ate Art) said...

That's really cool - good work


Fleur Allen said...

Love the new template for your blog and all your images! Stunning...

Nivedita said...

Its been a while since you undated girl ;)) Hope all's well?

I'm so waiting to see your next post...love your work :))


Maria Wiley said...

You did a great job Carmen. I love both!! Great colours & wonderful composition:)

thepear said...

The painting is wonderful! I so appreciate what you wrote about doing commissions too, I have just finished one and faced a difficult situation of 'selling out'. The recipient did not like one section of the painting and I felt it was the best part... it hurts me to have to paint over it and changes the painting's integrity. I don't normally accept commisions but I accepted this one because I thought the people would accept my vision, my mistake: not asking enough questions and not getting a sufficient deposit. happy painting everyone!
CArrie Harper