13 August 2009

Paintings, Exhibitions, Workshops and Mental Torment!


As some of you have so kindly pointed out, it has been a while.

You see, I tried to blame it all on computer problems but that wasn't really the whole truth. Lately I have been oscillating on so many levels within myself that it's hard to sometimes put pen to paper/fingers to keyboard and express the state of my consciousness.

To add to that, my horse, 'Carp Diem', recently bolted with me on it's back, racing to the gallows. Mercifully my executioner showed compassion and sent me on my way, after the punishment of a few lashings to the heart.

Since last posting I've put work in 2 exhibitions, one being for me a success: "Meeting" as shown below, sold.

I felt the other exhibition was a disaster. I mean, how does one painting sell (one out of one is 100%), and out of 8 in the other exhibition none sell? (0 out of 100 is not even 1% - shit hey?)
Ok, it's not a disaster in the big scheme, but it puts me in a state of discomfort! As a friend of mine said the other day, "If I don't sell work I'll shrivel up and die" - and same goes for me... I could go back to my old life doing a well paid job, in a corporate environment that I'll most probably hate, but that would be shunting my soul into reverse, and then I may as well shrivel up and die too. So this is why I like to sell my work and why unsuccessful exhibitions bug me; and a 'bugged' creative spirit is a spirit that tends to not create - one of lifes vicious cycles ay?

New Arena
Over the past few months I have been dabbling in abstract work. The left side of my brain bullies the right side never leaving it alone long enough; always reigning it back in to the realms of logical reasoning. It's like politics - the constant battle between left and right wing!

Inspite of this battle I have completed a couple of paintings in a style I want to experiment more with...here's a peak:
"Fop" and "Minion"

On a different tack, I have resumed painting workshops. As always places are limited in numbers so that you receive the most from me. I'm also happy to do one on one's. Contact me if you can make it to the Perth metro area and are interested in exploring your creativity or discovering a new found talent while working with acrylic paints and related mediums. Here are some photos from the most recent workshop - these ladies had no idea they were so talented!


Today as I typed an email to a friend it dawned on me that my oft recurring internal battle as to which direction to move in regarding my work does not come from a lack of desire or talent but the foundation of what holds me back is the immense desire to explore so many areas. This together with my hunger for knowledge and desire to succeed coupled with the fact that time is ever ticking puts me in a state of fear. I fear time will run out!
When I was seven I had a teacher that wasn't very nice. She said the biggest word that I had ever heard in my short life, "Procrastination". Procrastination is the thief of time - today I am going to get on my horse, the one you read about earlier called Carp Diem - this time I will direct the way... and it won't be to the gallows!

With this I leave you till next time.


ES said...

Hi Carmen,
I'm interested in knowing more about Life's Gambles: its size, if it's still for sale and if so the price. I'm afraid that I may well be unable to afford to buy (at least right now), but I've been meaning to ask for ages in any case because it really appeals to me.

Carmen said...

Hi Eleanor, I'd love to give you more information. Please email me at carmencilliers@optusnet.com.au with your contact details.

Warm regards,

Maria Wiley said...

Hi Carmen, enjoyed reading this post & love all the great photos of your students & their amazing work!

I understand what you're feeling, I'm much the same, I feel a sense of urgency sometimes. Your work is wonderful no matter which direction you take ... I love your abstracts & in particular the top one really appeals to me:)

Hope you're having a great week, cheers, Maria :)

Carmen said...

I've seen your videos clips - you move like an artist on fire! Thanks though, glad to know I'm not alone.

I have a fair bit of catching up to do, including your latest stuff... will do soon. C :)

Leith said...

I made it Carmen :)
Your work is gorgeous and you are so prolific that it makes me feel inadequate lol!
Your pal in art, Leith xx

Carmen said...

Ah Leith, it's people like you that give me a bloated head! Haha. Same goes right back at you! xxxx

dolls like us said...

I love your color choices.