29 December 2008

Life's Gambles

A mixed media on canvas that unfolded over a period of 12 months and recently came together as this, rather unusual piece of work that incorporates a variety of mediums including collage, acrylic, gesso, sand, inks and guache… pretty much anything that I wanted.

I guess the theme remained one of experimentation and my attitude stayed playful and open to where the painting wanted to lead me. Most of my work, particularly my abstracts, are intuitive, there is no prior thought process or decision on what I want to create and I let the work take me on a path rather than me moulding it from the early stages. Perhaps this is why this painting unfolded as a game, and on a slightly more deeper level, is about the games we play and the gambles we take in our lives.


Marilyn said...

Hello Carmen,
I love your blogg site and in particular love the Life Saving Trials. You are so talented.

Please send me your email address so I can send you a message There are some things one cannot share on a blogg site!
Good luck in 2009.

Carmen said...

Hi Marilyn - sure, it's carmencilliers@optusnet.com.au

X C Would love to organise a catch up!