07 January 2009

The start of something new!

Yip - I am pretty chuffed! My summer sale turned out to be pretty successful with the opportunity to do a commission plus a few sales including:

The Industrious Shadow

Transition (The blue bird)
and two small tribal masks.

What's Exciting

I am starting a new series. Lets not get into boring details, but I will say that I have adjusted the way I paint that removes the painstakingness of some of the processes I have been doing and makes the experience more delightful, meaningful and fun for me, which hopefully will mean more paintings. I never seem to have stock, as they are painted they seem to sell, so if I can find away to keep up then I am HAPPY!

Here's the first of the series - Titled "Between Takes" (SOLD already!) - I can say that although the whole series will unfold painting by painting, I will be focussing on the elements of fun, human form, some animals and a theatrical/avant guarde flavour.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.


Maria said...

So excited about my purchase (bluebird)Carmen! Looking forward to hanging it up at my place. I did a series around 'bluebirds' also last year ...

Carmen said...

Maria Hi! I am looking forward to posting it. I am so sorry that I haven't yet done so, it will go on Monday - it's all packed and ready but I have been too embarressed to go out in public because I have had the ugliest rash all over my body and particularly my face neck and chest. Ask me about being high on anti-hystamines if you like!

Maria said...

I hope you're feeling a lot better Carmen ... the timing was perfect as I'd just got back from my trip to Melbourne when it arrived ... I've got pictures on my blog :)
Thanks once again! I'm wrapt!!