20 December 2008

Eddie's Big Day Out

Phew! Well, finally completed this commission. I won't say how long it has been a WIP but finally it is ready for delivery. I am pretty nervous, hope the buyer likes it, actually, since it is a gift for her daughter and son in law for Christmas, I more importantly hope they like it.

I find this a painstakingly slow process. I basically paint this painting about 3 times, first in black outline, then in the total opposite colour to what I intend it to look like and then I start building the colour in the actual tones I am heading for. Why - because it creates depth, and because much of the technique is dry brushing the lower layers subtly reveal themselves on close inspection creating depth and complexity to an otherwise simple composition and abstracted style.

It's finished, ready for delivery and yea, I can start on something new... which is long over due.

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dolls like us said...

You did a good job on Eddies big day out I like it it yells summer and beaches to me .