01 October 2008

A long and overdue update.

Hello Everyone.

Well, this is severely overdue! I have been so busy. I had my first exhibition - almost a solo, but I'll aim for that next year - TRIO, with artists Tanya Cook and Narelle Manser-Smith. The exhibition went well with close to 200 people attending on the opening night. I sold 4 out of 10 paintings which is great because all costs involved have been covered and after the 30% gallery commission I still made a profit.

It's been busy times, I am nearing the end of my Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy and the next big focus is my 50 hour practicum at Nulsen Haven. Also, I am happy to say that Steve and I have bought a house and it's nice and big with a powered workshop that we are going to convert into an art studio. Talk about exciting times... I can start branching out into sculpure, installations and bigger paintings. Space has been my biggest obstacle in my newfound journey as an artist.

I think the time has come to delete some of my older works that are listed here on my blog. Most of the items that have been sold will be deleted to make space for new works.

Of late I am really inspired by the work of Brett Whitely and Joan Miro. I'm thinking Miro's work is closely aligned to the naieve style I am exploring. Don't be fooled, naive doesn't mean easy - infact, to keep a painting looking fresh, raw and naive is really hard because I have a tendancy to overwork things and add in too much detail at times, which is fine, but not if I want to advance myself into this new style.

This blog site isn't going to remain the stale biscuit it has been over the past few months, so please keep an eye out for updates and please, please leave your comments because they are so motivating!

Take care all,
Carmen : )


Maria said...

Hi Carmen, I'm so glad I found your blog! I saw your incredible paintings on "Paintings I love" site & googled your name!

I love your paintings! You have incredible talent. Really looking forward to following your blog :D

Maria, Central Queensland

Carmen said...

Hi Maria! Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment. I am glad you like my paintings, but I must confess, although I have been very slack in responding I did go check out your blog and after seeing your work, I must say I feel very honoured that you would leave such great comments.

When I get time I will have a real good look around and leave some comments myself.

Happy festive season to you!


Maria said...

Hi Carmen,
Wow, thanks so much! I'm fairly new to painting, but I'm enjoying the process & especially LOVE interacting with other like-minded people.

I enjoy blogging too as another creative pursuit :D
Love your work Carmen & will visit you often.

Have a lovely Christmas too!

Maria :D

catherine Elizabeth said...

Hey Carm you are doing well. I have said before that i like your art very much and yes I do. Its very clourful and is indeed fresh. Man you should have done BA fine arts! I am glad that you are finally doing what you are clearly meant to do. Happy selling Love Kate

Nirvana Visions said...

Hi Carmen,
I found a moment this afternoon to read the text next to your painting of the chick in purple (which is my favorite, which is why I read the text) and I just wanted to say that i went to check out Joan Miro's stuff, and I could be being naive here as I only looked at a couple of works, but I really felt that there was a great depth of warmth and spirit that is present in your paintings that is not in hers. I mean no offence to Joan at all, but I really love the warmth of your pieces and I just thought you should hear that and keep it in the back of your mind as you play with the many influences that we do as artists.
Tara Spicer.

dolls like us said...

I love the women out on the date my office is my art studio . I spent about two months organizing it now it will be easier for me ot work.