04 September 2007

Blasting The Canvas! Frustrations & Tantrums from an artist.

I have been a bit slack and lazy with an update well, not really lazy... just busy.

I had a frustrating painting experience on the weekend. As you know, part of my routine is to paint two to three paintings a week and list them by Sunday evenings on Ebay.
Well, I was running behind this week because of all the training I had to undergo for my new job and a bad bout of food poisoning from a Thai meal which at the time was most enjoyable!

Anyway, Saturday morning I start to feel the pressure. I decided to paint over an abstract that I was not happy with. I got to that stage that most artists are familiar with when painting - the stage of: "Continue and it's brilliant; Stop while it's good; Think you are smarter than you are and stuff it up!" I chose the latter.
The thing with this option is that the more I messed up, the more I tried to fix it up. I should have walked away....
At 4 O'Clock the realisation hit me (often the "hit" coincides with moment in which many artists errupt in tantrum) that I am expending a lot of energy and wasting a hell of a lot of paint.

You need to understand that by this stage I am filling up syringes and squirting the paint on the canvas expecting a miraculous recovery!!! Last time I looked I was no Jackson Pollock - and in saying that I don't even like his work so would I try his technique?

Well Billy - my greyhound - shrieked off in terror. I think he thought he was going to be baptised with a spring bath because I dragged the hose pipe out and blasted - full blast - at the painting till the paint peeled and flaked off leaving a remnant of what I had originally begun with, or should I say - the final stage of where I SHOULD have finished. An ugly canvas, dripping with faded colours which had an hour before looked like the glistening colours of a stained glass window.

"Blasting The Canvas!" Do you think it's worth trying to fix, or is it just
another lost cause from an artist's easel?


TET (David) said...

I've seen artworks of much lesser interest and quality be called 'finished' and labeled as 'art'. Although I can't see if the paint on this canvas is stable enough to leave as is... if so, I'd leave it as is. Maybe a coat of varnish to stabilize it perhaps? Don't know - it looks finished to me but then, I'm no expert when it comes to abstracts. What looks finished to me may not feel finished to you.

Carmen said...

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your comment... you are right about varnishing - but that is how I finish off all my paintings anyway - so you think this one justifies a coat?!
Abstracts are tricky. People think "my kid can do that" but I would like to see them succeed. I think I am going to do something a bit more contemporary today.... Have been a very lazy artist of late!
See you again soon,

samantha steed said...

Hi Carmen, I lost your business card, so you will have to email me it, do you still have mine?

your paintings are brilliant by the way, drop me a line and let me know how work is going. Sam :)

Maria said...

I've been through something similar & what I did was leave all the bits I liked & painted the rest in one of the main colours, I scraped into the wet paint to reveal some little 'windows' too.

I like the colours you've used here, especially the blues.

If you want you can view my abstracts on my site (I'm no expert though)! The one I mentioned is called 'Window to Peru'.

Maria :D