26 August 2007

Time for a Sunday evening update

In The Gallery - "Salt Lake"
I thought I had better sign on and post an update, but to be brutally honest I don't have that much to say except that I want to sleep! This has been a "full on" week, training for my new job, trying to write essays for assignments and of course painting! I helped wrap up the sales and collections yesterday at the Victoria Park Art Awards, it was nice to meet the lady that bought my painting - she was curious as to my inspiration so I gave the credit to Grandmere
(Grandmother), who was quite a character indeed!
Anyway - I am not going to blog on... I just want to post some new paintings so that you don't start thinking that I am doing nothing. All the others bar "Moonlight Blossoms", "Veld Storm" and "Into My Arms" have been sold since I started blogging a week ago. Here are some new paintings for you to critique.

PLEASE leave your comments!!!
I will be back when I have more energy,
Carmen : )
"Mudcloth & Memories"


Anonymous said...

Carmen - fabulous colours, the fiery reds, vibrant blues & greens stir my eyes and soul.

Carmen said...

Thank You! I love this landscape too, it's one from my soul. I don't recall seeing a place like this yet on my travels. This is the beauty of art, one can design landscapes, places, anything as we please!
I hope to see you as a regular visitor, the feedback is always appreciated.
Warmest Regards,