23 September 2007


Hi Everyone! Long time no blog?!

I have been away on a pretty inspiring and motivating trip to Sydney. Inspiring because it was great to have a change of scenery and of course, seeing Anthony Robbins who helped set a few things straight in my mind.

I have discovered an interesting site - artmajeur. Instead of doing any painting today I have been sitting at my computer trying to figure this site out. There are thousands of paintings by thousands of artists, and although it's all free, I am really wondering who would sit down at a computer to sift through all these artworks. Well, I have listed some paintings anyway to give the whole thing a trial. Who knows, it could be better than Ebay, but at least with Ebay there are less pages to sift through and it seems one would have a better chance of being noticed. If any of you artists have used this site, I would love to hear from you regarding how you found/find it and wether or not you have had much success with sales.

Carmen : )

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