03 March 2009

In Debt

Yes, I'm long overdue for an entry in my blog!
It's been busy times. Commissions, Art Awards, My Graduation and lots of time spent planning a workshop for 120 kids to take place next week. Chaotic... perhaps why I painted this:

I'm going to keep this short today because I have to rush off to the picture framers to get a painting framed for my friends wedding on Saturday, she loves the Outback and recently returned from touring in her camper with her fiance so I hope she will like this painting:

After the framers I have to rush back again to pack up the contents of my shed - aka primitive studio. No small feat! The builders are arriving tomorrow and they expect to take a month, but once it is done I'm sure I won't know myself as I have never ever had a proper studio. So, with the thought of air-con, radio, proper storage and work space I am anticipating a fruitful year ahead... once we get past this, that is! This is the current situation HaHa!!! (Seriously)
In the meantime I have managed to squeeze in a couple of new paintings. I would lose my mind if I didn't! I haven't started the commissions yet because they are pretty labour intensive in comparison to my usual spontaneous way of working and there is always the pressure of meeting expectations... something I don't have to worry about when I just begin a painting with no particular outcome in mind.

Here's some more recent work (in addition to the paintings above) ENJOY!!!


Brenda Gordon said...

Hi Carmen. I am a perth based artist and i really love your work. I was given your name by another artist that in with me on garyreef.ning.com but cant remember her name. I am looking for someone to share an exhibition with. I am also formerly from South Africa and have been here for 11 years. You can view some of my work on www.redbubble.com and look for me under BrendaGordon (no spaces). My mobile number is 0421705558 and my email is blokbb@westnet.com.au. Even if sharing an exhibition is not what you would like to do I would love to meet up for a coffee. Look forward to hearing from you.



Maria said...

Hi Carmen, that was me that forwarded your address to Brenda!

Wow, sounds like you are very, very busy! How exciting to be getting a new studio, I can't wait to see the photos! Your paintings are gorgeous as usual, cheers, Maria:)

Carmen said...

Hi Maria - thanks for passing my blog onto Brenda. I have been exceptionally busy with builders, workshops and an art award the past couple of weeks but I will be in contact with her. How are you keeping. You are in Queensland? If so, I hope you are well away from the floodwaters and fires and merrily painting away. x Carmen.
Ps - bought any new paintings lately?

Ellie said...

Love your paintings! They are so bright and have a lot of energy! I'm inspired! Thanks for stopping by my blog! What's the weather doing in Australia now? Isn't winter coming?



Kathy said...

Hi Carmen! I'm a self taught collage, mixed media and assemblage artist. I found your blog through "Artists Blogs". Your work is absolutely wonderful!! Beautiful, vibrant and full of life. So glad I found your blog! I'll be following from now on! :-)


Maria said...

Hi Carmen,
No, we are very fortunate to be inland & well away from floods & cyclones ... yes, I've been very busy with my paintings the last 6 weeks especially:) I haven't bought any new ones YET! Have a great week! cheers, Maria

Carmen said...

Hi Everyone, Thanks for your comments. Kathy - your work is pretty amazing too!
Brenda, Hello! Perhaps we should go do the exhibitions around town some day and talk. At the moment I haven't got an exhibition planned, I'm thinking 2010 maybe.

Maria, love your new stuff and blog - interesting as always, don't spend too much at the scrapbooking shop! xx Carmen

Steve (My Dog Ate Art) said...

Brilliant stuff - love it

Vesna Designs said...

Ohhh...LOVE the woman paintings, so full of life and colour...
PS-if you get a chance, stop by my main blog and enter the Prints Give-Away Competition-Vesna !!!

Vania said...

"Serendipity" is my fave - LOVE your style - I love paintings that you can feel (touchable art) as well as see, just amazing :)