31 March 2009

The End Product - My Studio

Hello Again! I have been so distracted over the past few weeks as I patiently watched my shed evolve from a hot, dusty, messy space into a space that is cool, inviting, organised and inspiring.



Until recently I worked out on the patio or in a hot shed, contending with Jacaranda leaves in my acrylic, bugs and heat. In winter I confined myself to some corner of the house, a spare room or the dining room... but to say I confined myself is really a lie, because somehow my tools of trade would land up strewn around the house, and please, lets not even begin to discuss the random life of paint splats as they manage to manifest themselves on the various walls, even when I am no where near them! So now, I have this amazing space!
I can take time out and contemplate my work in comfort (indeed I renovated those chairs and made the cushions!).

I have some of the persona things that inspire and motivate me close to hand.

My tools of trade are easy to find...

... and easy to clean!

and although I'm not inside the house anymore, or out on the patio, it's all close by and I have a nice outlook from my work table.

I finally have a decent space to hold my painting workshops or art therapy sessions,

and it really doesn't matter if I mess paint on the floor!

So all in all I'm pretty happy : )

Just a couple of things to go, the electrician to do the final wiring for the lights, and of course a studio needs art work on the walls so the hanging system still has to be installed.

Yes indeed, I am HAPPY!


Kathy said...

Hi Carmen! We don't "know" each other yet, but I'm so glad I found your blog! Your artwork is so inspiring! And...oh...your studio...you must be in heaven!! You did a wonderful job!! Both I and my dining room/studio are envious!! LOL!! ENJOY your wonderful new creative space!! Congrats!!


Carmen said...

Hi Kathy,
I can totally relate to both you and your dining room which I trust has some interesting paint finishes : ) !

Indeed, I highly recommend for any artist that if they are ever in the housing market, to make it their priority to buy a house with a space that can be converted into a studio - weather inside or seperate like I have.

Thanks for your comment and I look forward to seeing your art too.

x Carmen

Vania said...

Wow your studio looks "MAGIC" lucky you - and your paintngs are "jaw dropping" - just wonderful, wow gorgeous :)

alvin said...

Hey Carmen, it looks groovy! I like that green(ish) wall, the view out to the garden and the floor! How did they do the floor? Is it paint? And if so did they put a sealer on it afterwards or leave it raw?

When we were looking for tiles for our place, we would find something perfect in the showroom, take a sample home, and it would look terrible. So using that same principle, isn't the floor going to influence your work? For example a picture has a certain look in your studio, but looks completely different somewhere else?

Carmen said...

Hi Alvin - very insightful questions!
Firstly - lets clear something up, I did the floor... not the builders : ) and when the builders saw it, they were gobsmacked!
The process took me about 6 hours because I painted with grace and confidence LOL - only joking, it was 6 hours on my knees and in between a couple of layers that I was waiting to dry I was outside sanding and re-varnishing my papasans (chairs).

To begin with, I used a cheap fence paint and didn't prime or seal the concrete floor. The aim was for the grey paint to be absorbed as much as possible into the concrete. I then did the big sweeping swirls using the white wall paint and toned down the lime green and did more swirls once they were dry. After this, and some drying time, I did the speckling and splashing effect. Finally I sealed the floor with some basic concrete sealer. Perhaps I should have used some sort of oil based varnish, but knowing this is the neatest this studio will ever look, and the fact that the floor will be a work in process as I continue to paint in the room doesn't really require it to be too permanent. But - I say that, and the reason I know that this floor IS permanent... is because of this - I'll phrase it as a question: Have you ever tried to scrub acrylic paint off an unsealed floor? If you have, you will believe in the permance of my product / creation. : )

As for the paintings and how they will look somewhere else, I don't think it matters. If someone loves an artwork, then in some way it must speak to them and I am sure that they have pretty much got that same essence flowing throughout their home, or perhaps the painting will encourage them to change their space into something they like more. I don't know. : )

Thanks for dropping by! x Carmen

Maria said...

Hi Carmen, this looks fantastic! I love your floor :) Wow, you are going to have so much fun in your new creative space ... very happy for you!! cheers, Maria

Cestandrea said...

Hi Carmen, what a studio, so much space and looking like a very inspirational place! Love your paintings!

Vania said...

You have been awarded - copy the award from my blog onto your computer, then paste it into you blog - CONGRATS!!!

Carmen said...

Can anyone tell me how I can respond to these comments with the knowledge that you get the response. I'm just wondering if it looks like I never say anything in return. Please excuse this lame question, but if I knew the answer I wouldn't ask : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Carmen,

I am so glad that you understand how my legs were doing after a 12hr stint at the Easter Show. Thanks for your kind words and its great to have meet another amazing talent such as yourself from Australia. Your work is inspiring. Have a beautiful Easter.

Cheers Rebecca

Nivedita said...

Your studio is such an interesting hang out :)) Quite a nice space you have there. Totally love what you have done to your floor...way to go Pollock :))

Glad you like my work. I'm a disaster with grammer and spellings when it comes to writting and explaining my work to people :)) Will try and write you a note soon about what I do and why :))

Will send you pictures of my studio...I'm a buddhist by practice which probably reflects in my studio :))

More later...love your blog:))


Steve (My Dog Ate Art) said...

Envy you your studio space - but will have my own soon

Cestandrea said...

With reference to your question:)When I leave a comment at a friend's blog and I know that generally the friend will answer the comment, I come back (sooner or later) to check out if she/he left a respons:)
I myself would love to leave more responses to comments on my blog but unfortunately time doesn't allow me to, that is why I'm constantly feeling a bit guilty about that..:)
I tell myself, I do what I can, then it's ok!
Anyway, looked at your studio again and it really is a great place,
love from Paris where we have almost summer-like temperatures today,

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