13 October 2007

Would you like to purchase a print of my work?

I have discovered a fantastic site which allows me to upload all my art so that people can purchase it in card form or as prints.
The prints are amazing,of great quality and you have the option of laminated (would not recommend), mounted, on canvas or framed.

The prices are reasonable and overall the site is just fabulous for any one that loves art, wether you are a buyer or seller!

Go check it out on: http://www.redbubble.com/people/cilliers/art



TET (David) said...

Hey, glad to see you've discovered Red Bubble. I had a look and I've put 'Happy Eccentric' into my shopping cart ready for my next purchase. :)

Carmen said...

Hey Tet - Are you on redbubble too? Cool, what's your user name so I can look you up? I feel very flattered that you would like to buy one of my artworks!
I am on facebook now too - if you are on there I would love you to join as one of my friends. It's a great place to list your work too, mind you - can you bear having yet another site to be working on? Sorry I have been so slack with the Tourist Lounge - just incredibly busy. I churned out 3 paintings yesterday! I will list them here and on TET tonight and say hello to everyone. It's a gorgeous day today - enjoy it what ever you do!
X Carmen : )

TET (David) said...

My username is 'etourist' but the easiest way to find me is to click on the link from the 'cats' page of my TET web site.

I'll have another look at facebook - if I can remember what my username was (probably etourist or TET). I wasn't that impressed with it though. Seemed about as useful as myspace.

Good to hear you're painting though :)