02 October 2007

Learning From A Child - A city retrospective.

This painting is titled "City Retrospective - Through the eyes of the inner child."

The inspiration for this piece came while I was with a friends son who was drawing and painting along side me. I decided to "take some lessons" from him and observed as he scribbled and drew, painted and let unfold his magical land of houses, lakes and what in the end looked to me like a little village.
Following suite I did the same and the end result is ... "City Retrospective". Although very abstract this painting it is quite remarkable that this painting looks very much like Perth as one would see it from the South Perth Foreshore.

This painting is framed and measures 52 x 72cm(w). Acrylic on Canvas with some silver foil (see bridge). It is bold, modern and no photo that I have taken does it justice!

James - Thank You for this lesson, it goes to show, you never know which easel your next teacher may be hiding behind. Love Carmen.


James said...

Dear Carmen, this is James. I felt very proud to read my name on your blog and to know that you learned something from me.

Carmen said...


You are a very precious young man!

I have no doubt that your gifts and talents will spread far and wide to touch the hearts of many.

You are an inspiration & a WINNER! Never doubt this.

Lots of love, your friend, Carmen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carmen, You are quite the artists!.. I enjoyed looking at your work.. I also looked at your Ebay store and the paintings you have listed there.. I like the way you see things... I'm not a sophisticated person and have no idea of what`art really is... But I am sure your work is good, and I like it..... that was meant as a compliment, I hope it came across that way.


DJones7241 said...

You have very nice art. We wish you the best. D&E:O)


Anonymous said...

Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Thank You!

james said...

i really like your new painting