31 August 2009

Why even artists need diaries.


Its been a great couple of few weeks when you take into account the roller coaster of emotions that I am sure can be attributed to my quit smoking drug, CHAMPIX. It works - been two months now... I can't imagine myself ever having done that.

Well, all the extra time that one suddenly has when they aren't standing around idly 'enjoying' a smoke amounts up to quite a bit and I've realized that to really use ones time adequately a diary is quite important; Yes... it's taken me 36 years to really realize why and I would like to share this tale with you.

Recently I found out that a painting I had submited into an art award had been sold 3days before delivery. I found out on a Thursday night. So, I
decided that I would do another one, and as I'm keen on developing a presence within my community as both an artist and someone involved in community arts I decided to incorporate a known local icon and hey, throw in some extra pressure and make it a nice big painting... a metre by metre!
To complete a painting in such a short space of time meant two straight days of painting... 18 hours! Well I completed it as best I could in that time and by Sunday it was dry, strung, varnished and ready for delivery.

I sent my partner off to be delivery boy as I was holding a painting workshop that afternoon. Next thing he is back with a tap to the window and a frown, and says "there was no one there at the drop off point - you sure you got the time right?"

ME: Scamper around... find form, form says COLLECTION between 1 and 4pm. DROP OFF between 9 and 12. :( Of course none of this was diarised. Rush to find mobile so I can phone my contact (who I have to add I have known for 3 years) thats involved... nope, not even got her number around - probably on some scrap of paper lost in the abyss of all my other bits and bobs!

Moral of the story; I have this beautiful red leather filofax as well as a spiffy LG Renoir phone with all the trimmings.

The red leather filofax is pretty much unused... almost looks brand new, maybe next year I could even scratch out 2009 and re-use the pages... it's that unused. The contact list hasn't been updated, and while we are on the subject, neither has it in my phone.

Because of my disorganisation and "I'll get to it attitude", my hard work is now sitting in the spare room.

I've since decided that my diary, although looks so pretty and new ;) will probably have a lot more personality as the leather wears and softens with use! The mobile phone - yes, in process of having contacts updated - and I'm even going to figure out how to download all the photos that its 8 mega pixel camera contains onto my computer!

Seems that with me there is always some little lesson involving discomfort that I have toe experience before I get my ducks properly in a row, I guess it serves me right everytime.


Ps: I'd like to leave you with a quote I stumbled across the other day.

"An idea can turn to dust or magic depending upon the talent that rubs against it"
(Bill Bernbach, 1911-1982)


dolls like us said...

Your artwork is so special I am sure they will be pleased to get the artwork when ever you get ti done.

Nivedita said...

Lovely read and that artwork sure turned out gr8 :))
Love the quote...have highjacked it to my twitter :))


Carmen said...

Hi Dolls - well the problem is it did get done... just not handed in - but now I am well prepared for next year hey!

Hi Nivi,
Yes... some of these quotes are brilliant one stumbles across. Wish I could remember them verbatim, would be so cool just to roll them off the tongue as needed :)