21 January 2009

Dribbly Dabbly Fun

Ooh I had so much fun doing this! Yes, it's a pretty messy process and takes ages to dry and as you can see uses loads and loads of paint, but when one just wants to let hair down and have fun with colour this is a blast to do!

I decided it was time to get it happening with purples because it seems to be a common colour request with commissions but a colour I seldom use except in the place of black, because in general I avoid black as it's a 'dead' colour and so I use an extremely dark black purple instead. Probably some throw back theory I picked up while studying the Impressionists in high school, as they said there is no black in nature and therefore should not be used in paintings. I think it's debatable.

Hope your day is a positive one.

Bye for now, I am off to do some painting.

Carmen : )


Kim said...

It is a beautiful painting :)

Carmen said...

Hey Kim! Thanks for joining and glad you like this painting. It looks nicer in real life... I'm not too good at photographing this style, my camera doesn't know what to focus on!

X Carmen
See you Wednesday if you can make it : )

Rosie Red-Dress said...

Hi Carmen,
I love this painting for your dribbly technique... I've been meaning to try it myself but mostly I work using tubes of paint... I think I'll have to do as Jackson Pollock did and use 5Litre cans of acrylic house paint!

I love the wildness and randomness of it - which is perfectly suited to a patch of growing flowers.

Interesting comment about using black too. I find I can only work with the blackest of blacks - Carbon Black... anything else is just wrong and like you I'd rather use a black purple, green, blue etc.

I love the happy energy of your work and like to take a peek at your redbubble portfolio if I'm feeling a bit flat - good art does wonders for the soul!

(CrimsonLotus & DrinkMeAlice on RB)

Carmen said...

Rosie that is such a nice comment! That you look at my work if you feel flat - supremo!!

When you feel flat then that is a good time for you to put away your carbon black and go get those tins of paint and let your hair down : )

Thanks for signing on as a follower too hun.


Vesna Designs said...

Oh My...your work is TOTALLY AMAZING...thank you for fallowing my blog, I look forwards to fallowing your ART too :) !!!

dolls like us said...

Your work is very good congradulations on your success.