10 January 2009

After Persephone

I have been plagued with the most god-awful rashes and hives this whole break! Yes, like a million mosquitoes attacked me. Perhaps that is what prompted me to paint this whimsical gorgeous smooth skinned Persephone. She looks to be enjoying her summer a lot more than me.

I have used acrylic on canvas - because who has time for oils to dry ; ) - and the painting measures 70 x 40 cm. If you are interested in making a purchase please contact me via leaving a comment.


Vargas said...

Nice work! Hope your itch subsides real soon. And that you keep painting these imaginative and colourful images.

Maria said...

I LOVE her hair & the little bird on her shoulder!
Hope you're feeling better very soon :)

Carmen said...

Hey guys - thank you! It seems to have gone. It came back on Saturday and it was like the itchy and scratchy show in my bed! The only product I had that may have had milk in would have been the sauce on my eggs benedict... what do you think, I certainly haven't dared to have a coffee since tracing back my discomfort over the past two months to that. : )

dolls like us said...

I love the dress it is so pretty.