30 May 2008

Work In Progress

It's always fun to see what other artists are producing... to catch a glimpse of the painting before the artist decides it is complete. There's the sense of mystery in the expectation for the viewer and where they think the art work, more so it's a mystery to the artist!

As an artist I love seeing works in progress, the evolution of a blank canvas into a masterpiece. Of course there is the school of thought that even a blank canvas is in itself is a masterpiece, but, I am not of that school.

So here is one of my works in progress. It's currently untitled. I am using pastel on board. The pure nature of the mess and powder dust that pastel creates means that this one has been in the stage of incompleteness longer than most of my works.

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dolls like us said...

I liked the women in the ink dress it si pretty .