28 March 2008

Abstract Exploration By Carmen Cilliers

Inspired by the purity of white and the innocense of green...


Peter Higgs said...

Hello Carmen
great to get your email today. Dallas was wrapped also. I have just been reflecting on our past conversations as I have viewed your paintings on your Blog. You are very talented, as I always believed and congratulations for picking up the challenge to get back to what is truly you. I can now see you do believe in yourself and we must all do that. I am so proud of you and well done, so please keep it up. We do often think and talk of you so we are so glad you have made the effort to contact us. We will respond to your beautiful letter(email) soon. I,we, must also say we are so glad that you are finding hapiness in your relationship and it is glowing through. I do also hope you are happy.

Love and Godbless to you both.
Peter and Dallas

PS we should be over in September and would love to catch up.


Maria said...

Love this gorgeous colour! So peaceful. This is inspiring me!!