02 October 2007

Knowing when to stop "The Crowd".

Hello everyone. Here's a new slide show for you to view. The painting is titled "The Crowd".
Medium is acrylic on canvas and the painting measures 60x60cm. I've tried to maintain a translucent, luminous effec which I feel I have achieved. The temptation to continue painting is there, but I have decided that it is a vibrant, light piece and probably finished. So instead re-experiencing what I went through with "Blasting The Canavas" I have decided that I will use a new canvas and paint till I get a similar effect and then continue to another level and see what happens (just in case I end up regretting painting over this one). Well, here's the slide show, I hope you enjoy. I look forward to any comments or feedback you may like to share. Carmen : )

1 comment:

Pip (from Redbubble) :) said...

such a brilliant idea.

I'm sure all artists can relate to feeling too scared to keep adding in case it's ruined or feeling like we should know when to stop!

I love your idea of replicating the same technique and going further with it to see whether going further works well.

In the end you'll have two fantastic artworks!

I love this piece... the colours are so vibrant and fresh. Beautiful work.