14 August 2007

My First Blog...

I have never done this before, and getting advice from a brother in law in South Africa does not make things that much easier. As you know, most artists, or many I am sure, do not have up to date technological or IT skills, but I will try my best!

I had hoped that my first day would at least include a photo of my newest painting, but it has been such a busy day doing my usual Tuesday volunteer work that I haven't even had the chance to clear some memory on the camera stick to take a photo.

It's all happening at the Centre For The Arts where I do my volunteer work in Perth, and I will make sure I post some photos next week. I will also make sure I give a bit of an update on the latest findings discovered at my art therapy course this weekend. Of course all names will be changed and you will be left wondering, is it me, or who could I have been referring to - a big question when you realize how similar we all are.

Thanks for reading my first day on "the 'blog'".
Have a wonderful evening,


Anonymous said...

It is passion that makes a great artist, and you have it by the truck load. I love your work but my favorites are the evening blossom and the happy eccentric. Do you paint animals? If so I would like to see those.

From My Easel - By Carmen Cilliers The Artist said...


Animals are something I haven't given a go. They all have so much character and I love them, but guess I just am not sure if I could do them the justice they deserve. I think I will paint one of my greyhound in the near future. I have it in mind though, that it will be pretty "kooky" like the "Happy Eccentric". I picture a painting of him darting across a night sky with wings - imagine the sight!
Thanks very much for your supportive feedback.

Helen said...

Carmen, I love your paintings. They are truly beautiful works of art - you really know how to capture a moment. I especially love 'Happy Eccentric'.

From My Easel - By Carmen Cilliers The Artist said...

Hi Helen,

I am amazed at how popular this painting seems to be - I like it but I wasn't sure how others would feel about the colours. It's unfortunate that I photo I have uploaded distorts the proportions, but for now, it will just have to do!
Thanks for your encouraging feedback!

Nick said...

I have always loved your paintings. I hope one day I will be able to own one of my own. Glad to see you are finally doing what you are so obviously talented and passionate about. I wish you every success in the future.